Royal Ground Coffee is a local chain of non-corporate coffee shops in various convenient locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our stores offer amazingly delicious coffee, tea, bagels, smoothies, sandwiches, pastries and more. Our shops offer a comfortable environment where you can socialize, work or study. All stores are individually owned and may have different offerings.


About Our Coffee

Max’s Blend (Dark Roast):
This is our signature blend and has been our most popular blend since its inception back in the early 1980’s. This coffee is a blend of five different coffees giving it a complexity that is unmatched. Full-bodied with rich flavor and a smoky finish.

Espresso Maximo (Dark Viennese Roast)
A blend of three coffees from three completely different regions of the world. This is our newest espresso blend, and it has exploded in popularity. It is ideal for all types of espresso drinks but it really shines as a straight up espresso. Smooth, caramel finish with a thick, rich crema that is unlike any you will ever experience.

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